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Liger Shipping a logistic consultant company looking to establish their digital presence in the era of rapid tech advancement. Through the website, we crafted a platform that not only showcases Shipping expertise and services but also resonates with the expectations of today's tech-savvy clients.

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Brand Developer

Website Designer & UX Designer (My role)

Website Developer

Responsive website design and development

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3 Weeks

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About the client

Liger Shipping emerges as a pivotal force in the logistics sector as a consultants, providing a broad spectrum of shipping and freight forwarding solutions crafted to meet the modern demands of global trade. Their mission revolves around forging robust partnerships with businesses, streamlining their logistics operations through innovative, efficient, and transparent services.

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Client Requirements

Comprehensive online platform.

Articulate what Liger Shipping offers.

Highlight the company's unique approach.

Enhance visibility in the market

Easy-to-use contact forms for potential clients to reach out.

Project Requirements

Responsive, intuitive website reflects brand identity and values.

SEO best practices to improve visibility.

Comprehensive analytics strategy to track visitor behaviour.

Develop brand guidelines to maintain consistency across all digital platforms

User Requirements

The primary users are professionals within the logistics and shipping industry, aged 30-45, located in central India.

Cater to professionals seeking logistics consulting services.

Clear, concise information about services and Expertise.

Website must be optimized for a superior mobile experience.

Implement interactive elements

Understand your competitors

Website engages users with vibrant colors and high-quality imagery.

The website is not fully responsive, hard time using it on phone.

Limited access to pages beyond the nav menu and footer restricts navigation.

Services are not prominently highlighted, diminishing their visibility.

Text overlaid on images can be hard to read due to poor contrast.

Navigation is straightforward, directly highlighting services and expertise.

The website is fully responsive, adapting smoothly to any device

Excessive text complicates quick understanding of key points.

High-quality images result in longer website load times.

The website is fully responsive, adapting smoothly to any device

Navigation can be confusing, with some links leading to dead ends.

Engaging interactive features like dynamic sliders boost user engagement significantly


Principles to design a user engaging website

Seamless experience

Keeping navigation simple, intuitive, connected, and consistent are key to a seamless navigation experience.

Frictionless conversion

This might mean removing any unnecessary steps, asking only for relevant information, or designing clear calls-to-action, to name a few approaches.

Hierarchical content structure

Hierarchical content structure helps visitors better absorb information, and guides them to find the information that they’re looking for in a clear and user-friendly way

Familiar web conventions

A good website design often feels familiar, even when we encounter it for the first time. In these cases, navigating from page to page is intuitive, information is easy to find and understand, and everything functions as you would expect.


Look & feel

In crafting the visual identity for Liger Shipping, we meticulously selected a color palette of dark blues, embodying the various shades of water to mirror the company's core shipping services.

The logo, with its wave motifs, harmonizes with this theme, reinforcing the company's identity as a leader in logistics through a visual narrative that is both elegant and purposeful.

Liger Shipping

Empowering your Logistics

Liger Shipping

Empowering your Logistics

Liger Shipping

Empowering your Logistics

High fidelity (Display)

High fidelity (Display)

First show down

Client feedback

Pleased with the website's design and aesthetic.

Effectively captured their brand's essence.

Minor revisions in the content.

Reduction in the amount of text displayed.

Reservations about showcasing client names.

Viewer feedback

Site was visually appealing.

Navigating from one service offering to another proved challenging.

More intuitive navigation system for site's services.

Final Delivery

With the best of it’s user experience

Design Approach

Adopted a mobile-first design approach, prioritizing the needs and behaviors of the majority mobile audience to guide the overall design process.

Employed a color scheme and typography that reflect Liger’s ethos, blending aesthetics with functionality to captivate and engage at first glance.

Enhancing Visibility

Optimized the website's content, ensuring it ranks high on search engine results pages with the help of SEO.

Gained valuable insights into user behavior, traffic sources, and engagement metrics through Google analytics.

User-Centric Design Decisions

Strategically designed the content layout to cater specifically to logistics professionals.

Continuously refined the Liger website's interface and user interactions based on targeted feedback from logistics experts.

Thank you!

Shivangi Khandelwal

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